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Daniel Foster - Executive Director

Oceanside Museum of Art

Gary Walker is an extremely talented and accomplished painter and multi-disciplinary artist.  Generally, I very much trust his process of creative thinking in constant exploration of new materials and iconography that consistently produces an excellent result and body of work.  More specifically, Walker is a master at texture, composition, line, and color – excellent formal elements in the hands of a conceptually talented thinker and artist.
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    GARY WALKER – The Music

    Gary Walker’s Orginal Music. From first notes to last words, Color Fields weaves an alluring tapestry of thoughtful lyrics…

    Click Here : Go To The Music
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    Green Tree World Hour

    Gary Walker’s Original Green Tree World Hour.

    All excerpts are from Gary’s Green tree World Hour, a popular, live call-in radio show all about trees, gardens and a whole lot more.

    Click Here : Go To Green Tree World

    Front and rear panel oil paintings by Gary Walker. Song, Oak Tree, written, performed and produced by Gary Walker.t

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Gary Walker Biography

The history of Gary Walker and the story behind his inspiration.



A true eclectic, Gary's interests are varied and reach far and wide.


As a fine arts painter, Gary prefers the supreme challenge of abstract painting.


As a professional musician, Gary has been in bands that have worked with the The Who, Bo Diddly, Hot Tuna and Jimi Hendrix's. CLICK BELOW TO READ MORE.


Transforming a spiritual force to
the physical level

Walker's video collection details his artwork, music, and achievements.

Gary Walker's gallery exhibition at Poway, CA. More than 50 Large scale paintings. Series include: Color Fields Series, Architectural Series, Subconscious Series, and new series Speaking Truth to Power.


These are articles I've either personally written or been featured in.

Click here to see Gary Walker's Tree Whisperer YOUTUBE Channel

Click here to see Gary's Greentree World website, which is all about Trees, Gardens and so much more.

Click here to read numerous Reviews of Gary's Tree and Garden work.

Writings Click Here

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