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Gary Walker - Biography

Behind every great work is an incredible story.
Gary Walker Biov1

A dual citizen of both France and the U.S., Gary has lived in Paris, Casablanca, Barcelona, Miami, Boston, Chicago and San Diego, has traveled the world over, and currently resides in Southern California.

A Gallery of unique and original Art inspired by a lifetime of experience, travel and passion.

As a fine arts painter and art historian, multi-faceted artist and creative visionary, Gary, prefers the supreme challenge of abstract painting that expresses and explores the deeper aspects of both individual and archetypal subconscious elements. His singular style and expression are wholly unique, original, organic and eclectic.

Continuing Quest

Deeply spiritual since early childhood, Gary’s life long prime directive has been his insatiable hunger, quest and curiosity of the spiritual and existential nature of life. Having studied the world’s major religions and philosophies, including many years intensive daily study of the Bible using a Bible Concordance, he sees the Golden Thread of Truth weaving through all religions and spiritual practices. Having spent countless hours in quiet meditation, along with considerable time observing Nature in all her multifarious glory over these many years, and seeking to express some of his underlying feelings about all this through his Creative Alchemy, Gary continues to probe the deeper questions as to the truth of life’s ultimate meaning and purpose.

On a more temporal note, Gary graduated Magna Cum Laude at the University of Massachusetts, and has studied at extensively at Harvard University , Northeastern University and Emerson College, and is also a noted and published expert on trees and gardens.

His personal gardens in Southern California, are listed with the Garden Conservancy, which lists the best gardens in America. He also has his own talk radio show (see his double CD set, The Best of Gary’s Green Tree World), and lectures widely on these and other topics.

Sometimes referred to as an eccentric Renaissance man, his personal and professional mission statement is all about ‘Harmonizing Nature, Art and Science.’ His music, talk CD’s and artwork, are his singular, humble attempts to do just that.

Professional Musician True Eclectic

As a professional musician, composer, recording artist, poet and music video producer, Gary has been in bands that have worked with The Who, Bo Diddly, Hot Tuna and Jimi Hendrix’s band. He’s also an author, architect, arborist/naturalist, nationally recognized garden designer/tree expert, and producer of his own live radio show on trees and gardens.

A true eclectic, Gary’s interests are varied and reach far and wide, from music, art, architecture, arboriculture, anthropology,philosophy, psychology, politics, history, horticulture, cosmology, science, engineering, literature, movies of all types, gardening, and of course, Nature.

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