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Daniel Foster - Executive Director

Oceanside Museum of Art

Gary Walker is an extremely talented and accomplished painter and multi-disciplinary artist.  Generally, I very much trust his process of creative thinking in constant exploration of new materials and iconography that consistently produces an excellent result and body of work.  More specifically, Walker is a master at texture, composition, line, and color – excellent formal elements in the hands of a conceptually talented thinker and artist.
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    “Poems Without Words”

    Gary Walker’s Original Music. “Poems Without Words”…

    Music Click Here
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    GARY WALKER – The Music

    Gary Walker’s Orginal Music. From first notes to last words, Color Fields weaves an alluring tapestry of thoughtful lyrics…

    Music Click Here
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    Green Tree World Hour

    Gary Walker’s Original Green Tree World Hour.

    All excerpts are from Gary’s Green tree World Hour, a popular, live call-in radio show all about trees, gardens and a whole lot more.

    Green Tree World Click Here

    Front and rear panel oil paintings by Gary Walker. Song, Oak Tree, written, performed and produced by Gary Walker.t

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Gary Walker Biography

The history of Gary Walker and the story behind his inspiration.



A true eclectic, Gary's interests are varied and reach far and wide.


As a fine arts painter, Gary prefers the supreme challenge of abstract painting.


As a professional musician, Gary has been in bands that have worked with the The Who, Bo Diddly, Hot Tuna and Jimi Hendrix's. CLICK BELOW TO READ MORE.


Transforming a spiritual force to
the physical level

Walker's video collection details his artwork, music, and achievements.

Gary Walker's gallery exhibition at Poway, CA. More than 50 Large scale paintings. Series include: Color Fields Series, Architectural Series, Subconscious Series, and new series Speaking Truth to Power.

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