Mission Statement – The Process Of Art

“My art works are actual veneers, and just beneath these gossamer veneers of ever evolving form, color, line and texture, are the undulating specters of individual and collective consciousness. My mission as an artist is to coax these specters to the surface for the viewer to behold and engage so that the embedded truths may rise to and above the apparent and challenging surface into some form of conscious realization and/or transformation of thought and action. My task is to create a space where this chemicalization of perception may take place for the viewer to consciously consider what is real and what is illusion and to try to find what lies between and betwixt what we call reality and imagination, be it beautiful or ugly, but always truth full.” ~ Gary Walker, Artist


Meet the Artist

Lots of fun and interesting photos in this album, including three short videos at the end.

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This section features selected segments from paintings.

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Photography white rain - ART

PHOTOGRAPHY: White Rain Series

‘White Rain’ is a series of feminine images featuring the shadow of DRI, set against my painting, which I photographed in the softer light of a fast approaching sunset.

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Architecture - ART


The photos in this album features a custom home I personally designed and built.

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Photography Lakhouse - ART

PHOTOGRAPHY: 'Lakehouse' and 'Niki de St. Phalle' Series

Gary Walker, Artist, in collaboration with noted architect Wallace Cunningham, designer of Lake house.

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Garden Art Painting With Plants - ART

GARDEN ART: Painting With Plants

This section features some of the many gardens I have designed and installed over the years.

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Installation Art-ART


This section features three dimensional art works.

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